January 29th and 30th

Entry Categories and Class
Entry categories: (..if operating as a group under one call, all stations in your entry must fit the
category you choose. Also be sure to see further clarification in “definitions” below)
Indoor: Operation from inside a remote, insulated, heated (or cooled, depending on your
local weather), and weather-protected structure where an Amateur station is normally not
available. (Park buildings/cabins, community center, senior center, cottage, etc). An EOC
or Club shack may be utilized, providing all equipment used is set up by the contestants.
Outdoor: Operation from a location partly or fully exposed to the elements and at least 30
feet away from your normal station location and not using any part of a previously erected
antenna system or ham station. A campground, park pavilion, canopy, picnic table, tent,
pop-up camper, or a backyard shed/tent/deck, etc may be used. Operation from a noninsulated car/truck/van/boat (mobile or not) is considered “outdoor”.
Home: Operation from inside a home or inside another structure attached to a home that
could or would be the usual location of an Amateur station (garage, sunroom, etc),
generally using a previously erected antenna system. A “Home” entrant may still be
eligible to claim the “alternate power” bonus if not using commercial power.

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